With energy costs on the rise, you may decide that your old, inefficient furnace has seen its last heating season. That means you need to find a high-quality replacement that will last for years to come. Whether your furnace gave you trouble last heating season, or you simply want to enjoy more efficient heating this winter, here are the steps for replacing your furnace.

  • Get price estimates: Contact a trusted heating and cooling contractor who can give you purchase and installation estimates. Look for deals and specials, including rebates and tax incentives, that can lower your initial investment.
  • Consider efficiency: As you seek price estimates, look at AFUE ratings. Furnaces that are 80 percent efficient will cost much less initially than a 95-percent efficient system. Under some circumstances, investing in the most efficient unit is well worth it in the long run. However, because San Antonio has such a mild, short heating season, it may in your best interest to choose an 80 percent efficient furnace. A contractor can help you determine lifetime costs.
  • Learn about sizing: When it comes to energy savings and home comfort, furnace size makes a huge difference. Many older systems are oversized simply to avoid falling behind when the temperature drops outside, but that leads to inefficient operation and higher energy bills. Be sure to work with a contractor who can size the new unit correctly for your home.
  • Choose the fuel type: Gas is the most common fuel used in furnaces today. These systems are usually cheaper to operate than electric furnaces and may be more widely available than oil-fired furnaces.
  • Have the system installed correctly: With a unit picked out based on all these criteria, the last step is to hire a contractor to install the new furnace. Correct installation is imperative for appreciating the greatest energy savings, safety and efficiency possible from your new unit.

When the time comes to replace your existing heating or furnace system, R & S Mechanical is the only name you need to know. Our Comfort Consultants will give you great advice based on our years of heating system replacement and designed around your specific needs—and budget.

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