When you decide to sell your house, you have a long to-do list before putting it on the market. But, did you know that not everything on that list is a “must”? Not every job on the list is worth your time and money. Not everything in your house needs fixing before that “for sale” sign goes up on your lawn.

What are some of the things you don’t have to fix?

Check out this “do not fix list” that is guaranteed to save you time and money. Let’s get started!

10 Things You Should Not Fix Before Calling The Real Estate Agent

1. Normal Wear And Tear

Your home is likely to have some minor cosmetic flaws from basically just living in it. General wear and tear is normal and doesn’t need to be fixed. Instead, focus on the things that are very noticeable and that are going to stick out to potential buyers. Those are worth your time and money.

2. Minor Electrical Issues

Minor electrical issues like a scuffed-up light switch or missing light shades are not a big deal. Anything that poses a safety hazard or that doesn’t work should be fixed. Exposed wires or nonworking plugs generally fall into that category. Any major problems that present code issues will be on the inspection reports. These are also issues that need to be fixed.

3. Outdated Parts Of A Room

If you have outdated parts of a room, don’t worry about fixing them. The updates you do may not be in the same style as your potential buyer. Leave it and let the new owner update to what suits them best, not you.

4. Exterior Property Cracks

Hairline cracks in your driveway or walkway don’t need to be fixed unless they are presenting a safety risk. Let these stay. But, any minor cracks in the side of the home are serious structural issues and need to be addressed.

5. Old Appliances

While brand-new appliances look great, they’re expensive. You don’t have to replace every appliance before you sell your home. Many new homeowners like to choose their own appliances. If an appliance needs an upgrade, consider buying second-hand to save a few bucks.

6. Repainting Some Parts of the House

If you’re thinking of repainting some parts of your house and not others, it’s going to make the older parts look even older. Painting is an all-or-nothing deal. Either repaint everything with a neutral color or leave it alone. Don’t use trendy or flashy colors to try to attract buyers. There’s a good chance they’ll find this distracting and could actually dissuade them from the property.

7. Removable Pieces of Furniture

Many homes have pieces of outdated shelving or furniture. You don’t have to replace these before you sell your house. Leave them and let the buyer decide what to do with them. They’ll likely change them to suit their style, even if you updated them. Things like window treatments, shelving, and storing additions can all be left behind for the new homeowner to deal with.

8. Replacing Old Windows

While you should fix dirty windows, you don’t have to replace them entirely. As long as your windows are functional they can stay as-is. Purchasing new windows can get expensive and is not something you need to do.

9. Carpet or Flooring

Another costly and unnecessary fix is new carpet or flooring. While your home may need updates in this department, you don’t have to be the one to do before you sell your home. Something you choose may clash with the new homeowner’s preference so all of your work would be for nothing.

10. Starting Something You Can’t Finish

If you can’t finish a job, don’t start it. A partial fix or DIY project is not going to come across well to potential homebuyers. You also want to make sure any project you do take on will increase the value of your home enough to make it worth your while.

What You Should Fix Before Selling a House

Now that you know the things you shouldn’t fix before selling your house, some things need to be addressed before calling a real estate agent. These are the things that will maximize the chances of making a good first impression on your buyer. These include broken doors and AC systems.

Also, if you have bold colors that will distract buyers, consider a fresh coat of a neutral color that will attract most buyers. Focus on maximizing natural light that’s coming into your home as well. This may mean you need to trim some trees or bushes to put your home in a better light.

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