As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for an unexpected, major expense to come up. Having to replace your central AC unit certainly falls under unexpected, major expense, and you don’t want to be caught off guard if your system breaks down and can’t be fixed. The best thing is to be ready and replace it before you sink hundreds of dollars into repairs that only slightly delay the inevitable. Our AC repair company is looking at how long air conditioners last and some signs that say you may be past due to replace it.

What Is the Lifespan of an Air Conditioner?

Typically, a well-maintained air conditioner will last around 15 years. By well-maintained, we mean it’s been professionally serviced on a bi-annual basis to keep it clean and make sure the parts are in good working order. Having the right size unit for your home can ensure a longer life span, too. A too-small unit will have to work harder and wear out more quickly, while a too-large system will short cycle where it kicks on and off frequently and will also wear out more quickly. Additionally, well-maintained means not overworking the air conditioner on a regular or consistent basis, such as keeping the AC set on 65 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

Let’s say your air conditioner is getting a bit older and it’s not running as well as it used to, but you’re not sure if it only needs a simple repair or if it needs to be replaced. These are the tell-tale signs you should replace it.

Air Conditioner is Over 10 Years Old

While a well-maintained AC unit lasts around 10 years, if your current unit is 10 years old or more, and it’s been acting up, replacing it will most likely be better in the long run. Not only will it be more efficient and lower your energy bills, but if the repair needed is expensive, you’re better off putting that money to a new system.

AC Unit is Inefficient

Each year your energy bills get higher and higher even though you’re trying to run your air conditioner less. An old air conditioner is going to require a lot of money to run, especially if it has a low Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). Today’s AC systems have a minimum rating of 13, so the money you spend on replacing your unit will turn into gains when you factor what you’ll be saving in energy bills during hot summer months.

Air Conditioner Uses R22 Freon

In 2010, the EPA banned Freon (Known as R-22) for use in new systems, and in the beginning of 2020, the production and import of Freon was also banned. If your system still runs on Freon and there’s a coolant leak or needs to be recharged, it’s not likely that an HVAC technician will find recycled Freon for a cost-effective price. However, if your system is still running on Freon, that means it’s over 10 years old and nearing the end of its lifecycle.

Your Home Isn’t Comfortable

This is really the kicker - if your AC can’t keep up with the outdoor temperature, it could either be on its last legs or it’s not the right size for your home. Either way, you need to replace it with a new unit that’s the right size and is properly installed for your home. After all, why have air conditioning if it won’t do its job?

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