When assessing estimates for repairs for HVAC services in Raleigh, be careful about just accepting the lowest bid! For example, common repairs such as a compressor or reversing valve replacements require a bit more work in which you will want to ensure that your contractor is following EPA and National/Local code requirements. These details could make a significant cost difference in the estimates you receive. Here are two important details you need to look for in order to know if the job is getting done right:

  • The refrigerant is being tested for acid or moisture to ensure the new component does not fail prematurely.
  • The entire refrigerant charge to be recovered and then delivered to a local supply house for recycling or destruction.

As some HVAC contractors may be offering you a lower bid because they are not following these rules even if they are saying they are “green” or “earth friendly”. It could be that they are just venting the refrigerant out into the atmosphere to save time and money, making their profit margin larger.

Other aspects to access in the bids you receive that may be making a noticeable pricing difference are the system evacuation, quality of parts used and experience level of the technician assigned to your project. So in short, make sure to review all of these details when preparing to award work to an HVAC contractor and keep in mind the lowest bid likely does not include the time and resources needed.

Affecting the cost of the repair, this process alone can involve a considerable amount of time, depending on the quantity of refrigerant and ambient temperatures. An honest and professional contractor is going to include this extra time, labor and equipment on the bid and give you an explanation of such. With R & S Mechanical Services you can be sure that we ALWAYS follow this process and the job is done right the first time!

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