There are quite a few problems that are easy to prevent with routine maintenance and upkeep. When all else fails these common issues can be easily repaired by a professional commercial refrigeration repair specialist. We can save you a lot of time and money if you call us right away when you notice any of these issues arising.

Poor Airflow

If a condenser unit is in a closed off area, if it was installed improperly, or if it’s clogged by dirt and debris it can cause poor airflow in your commercial refrigerator. This causes your refrigerator to work harder than it needs to in order to keep your temperatures ideal. This problem can cause your energy bill to skyrocket and damage your refrigerator over time.

Routinely maintaining your condenser helps to reduce the risk of this problem and if you notice signs of poor airflow it’s best to call our expert commercial refrigeration repair team right away.

Motor is Continuously Running

Your motor shouldn’t be constantly running. It should only run in order to get your refrigerator to the correct temperature and then shut off. If your refrigeration motor is constantly running this could turn into a serious issue. The motor will eventually blow out over time causing worse issues and massive profit loss when your food thaws out and spoils and to top it off this also causes higher utility bills.

It’s important to get this problem repaired as quickly as possible and to keep up with routine maintenance to prevent this as well.

Broken Tank

If your tank is cracked and leaking this can cause ice and moisture buildup that can break your entire system costing you a lot of time and money. It’s best to keep up with regular maintenance in order to prevent leaks that could cause safety and health hazards.

It’s critical to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections and to repair this problem as soon as you notice the signs of a broken refrigeration tank.

Power Loss

If your freezer loses power and it’s not due to a circuit trip, this is a huge problem. If there aren’t power outages locally and it’s just your refrigerator system that’s out you will need a commercial refrigeration repair as quickly as possible in order to keep your assets from spoiling and becoming contaminated.

Ongoing maintenance is a great way to prevent this problem, but when all else fails we offer 24/7 repairs. Be sure to call right away if you notice power loss.

Ice Machine Buildup

If you notice long icicles or icy build ups around your refrigerator’s evaporator coils they may not be defrosting properly during the defrost cycle. Another cause could be that water is not draining correctly from the freezer. This is a big problem which could cause your food to become freezer burnt, not taste right, or it could even become unsafe to eat.

Maintenance and regular maintenance on your drainage system and evaporator coils could save you thousands of dollars or more. If you notice signs of ice machine build up quickly call our team of knowledgeable commercial refrigeration repair technicians.

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