Making sure plumbing pipes don’t freeze in the winter.

plumbing pipes graphic

As we near colder weather in the Raleigh area, one question our plumbing department always get, is ” how can I avoid my plumbing pipes from freezing?”

Well let’s first look at why are pipes freezer or better yet, location where our pipes normally freeze.

If you have a crawlspace, more than likely you have plumbing pipes strapped to your floor joist. In colder climates, these pipes will freezer when your water isn’t running. As these pipes are filled with water, and most of the time not flowing,sub 32 degree temps will freeze the water.

What can you do to avoid plumbing pipes from freezing?

  • Insulate your water plumbing pipes
  • Insulate well your crawlspace
  • Leave your faucets running with a slow drip during very cold climates.
  • Installing a heat tape with internal thermometer willl prevent water plumbing pipes from freezing.
  • Making sure space or area with plumbing pipes is conditioned or heated.

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