You may be able to temporarily postpone scheduling the refrigeration contractor for routine residential refrigeration maintenance, but you can’t do that with commercial refrigeration. Not only is the equipment larger and more sophisticated than many home units, there are also health laws concerning commercial refrigeration that must be met at all times. When the health department shows up without warning to record the temperature of the food stored in the refrigeration unit, it had better be within established limits if you don’t want business operations interrupted.

Refrigeration Units Never Breakdown at the Right time. It seems like there is a universal law at work when it comes to essential equipment. The law is: Equipment will always breakdown when you can least afford it. At home the refrigerator will quit the same day you have 10 people coming over for dinner. Commercial refrigeration is sure to stop working during the dinner rush or on the busiest day of the year for your particular business.

The refrigeration contractor in Raleigh NC, often gets emergency calls from commercial businesses. A hotel or restaurant simply cannot operate for very long without refrigeration. Large businesses may have several walk-in refrigeration units and can temporarily transfer food to the working equipment.

Smaller businesses don’t have that luxury. What to do?

Know Your Refrigeration Contractor!

It’s important for a business to have a refrigeration contractor it works with on a regular basis. There are several reasons for this:

  • Technician becomes thoroughly familiar with refrigeration units
  • Repairs can often be completed much faster due to equipment familiarity
  • Service technician will know where to order parts for the brand of equipment

There is no question that routine maintenance is the best defense against equipment breakdowns. Routine maintenance includes keeping the motors, coils and other parts free of dust, debris and normal kitchen residues including cooking oils and such found in commercial kitchens. The refrigeration contractor in Raleigh, NC will also clean the compressor and check thermostats.

In fact, the contractor will ensure that the units are maintained according to manufacturer specifications. Having a working relationship with the contractor will get you the most efficient service as quickly as possible if you do experience refrigeration problems. The contractor will be familiar with your equipment and able to get to work with a short learning curve.

Have a Backup Plan

Of course, it’s also important to have a backup plan in the event the refrigeration unit breaks down for an extended period of time. Losing a lot of food inventory can be expensive even when insured. That’s because your customers will remember the problems and some will fail to return. A backup plan includes knowing where you can send food for temporary storage if necessary.

A refrigeration contractor in Raleigh NC that performs routine maintenance on commercial refrigeration units is trained to perform routine and emergency repairs. Keeping your unit working is critical to your business. Don’t let the health inspector find a refrigeration unit that fails to meet state regulations for food temperature.

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