At R & S Mechanical Refrigeration services of Raleigh NC, we receive a lot of service calls for Commercial Ice Machines. Whenever a problem occurs with your  ice machine, sometimes the first thought is to call a Refrigeration company to come out and fix it. Granted there are many reasons you will need to call professionals to successfully fix a problem, but there are a couple issues that may arise with your Hoshizaki ice machine that you can solve on your own.

  1. Low water flow to the ice machine – this might be caused by the water supply itself or the water filter might be plugged up.  This can cause undersized or malformed cubes or it may cause the evaporator to freeze up, halting production.
  2. Water leaking IN to the machine – this is typically caused by a leaky inlet water valve. When this happens, ice cubes become oversized.  Sounds good, right?  Unfortunately if they are too big, they can get stuck in the evaporator and cause it to freeze up.
  3. Room temperature too warm – ice machine production is proportional to water and air temperature.  Higher water and air temperatures result in lower production. The most common problem is higher air temperatures which means ice machines take longer to produce a batch of ice.  This isn’t a problem, it is just a fact of ice machine production. Around 95 degrees, the ice machine will stop producing ice.
  4. High water temperature – Water in excess of 90 degrees will take too long to freeze and will trip the freeze cycle timer. In this case, the ice machine will shut down in order to protect itself.  This problem is typically caused by a piece of equipment, like a dishwasher, pumping hot water in to the cold water line.
  • Unusual Noises: At some point, your ice machine may start to make some sounds you haven’t heard before. In order to get them to stop, first find out if the gear motor has worn down. If the motor is worn down, then you will have to replace it. Sometimes, solving the issue is as simple as doing some quick cleaning, lubricating, and tinkering with the sprockets. Over time, they may fall out of alignment and may need some minor adjustments.

If none of these solutions work, then it’s a safe bet your ice machine will require a more thorough assessment from trained professionals. R & S Mechanical Ice Machine Services of Raleigh NC guarantees to always fix the problem.