Well we’ve been in Dallas for the past month and we’ve had a lot of progress repairing the refrigeration system and getting both ice rinks back in business at a local ice rink in Texas.


The local rink was having major issues with the ice skating floor heaving an producing very uneven surfaces. The problem was that the subfloor heating system below the cool floor leaked and caused ice to build up under the pipes and eventually start pushing everything up to the surface.

We advise the rink to shut down, In order to let thaw and for us to pressurize and flush each line out under the rink to break the ice free.

During normal operation glycol solution flows through the pipes at temp of about 45 degrees. This solution keeps the subfloor warm. When a leak is produced, the system can no longer keep the subfloor above freezing.

We’ve continued to flush out to get good flow though the lines at this time.


The other ice skating rink had another problem. The chiller which is one of the major components froze up.

There was an internal refrigeration leak in the tubes and he glycol solution mixed with the refrigeration and it lost it’s whole charge.

We had to open up the chiller, repair the leak by inserting plugs on the tubes that were ruptured, pressured the system and removed any contaminants.

We charged the system with over 2800 lbs of R22 refrigerant and the system is back online.

There is still some work left but we are confident that both Ice rinks will be operational soon.

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