Even if it is the end of the season, and you’re just now getting around to your vacation, it’s not too late to talk with your HVAC contractor about getting a programmable thermostat to give you precise control of your system while you’re gone. When you return home, you can use your programmable thermostat in a variety of ways to keep your heating and cooling costs manageable.

While you’re on vacation, you can set your thermostat at 85 degrees, and then program the air conditioning to come on the day you return. When you come back, you can reprogram your thermostat in any number of ways. For example, during the cooling season, you can set the temperature higher during the day, when you’re at work, and have the air conditioning come on an hour before you return home. On the flip side, when it’s cold, you can set the temperature lower during the day and have your heating system warm your home shortly before you get back. You can do the same thing while you’re sleeping — keeping the temperature either warmer or cooler at night. Set the thermostat, and you’re done. Some programmable thermostats allow you to have as many as six settings in one day. Such precise control can make a sizeable difference in your utility bills, because you’re not paying for heating and cooling that you don’t use.

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