Question from our Customer: I have frost forming in my walk-in freezer. Can you tell me how to stop the frost buildup?

A: Below are the most common reasons for frost formation in the walk-in freezer and how to stop it in each situation.

  1. Propping open the door: Frost accumulates when warm air is allowed to enter the walk-in. Make sure the employees are not propping the door open for extended periods of time while loading or unloading the freezer.
  2. Seam leak: If your walk-in is a new installation and the frost is forming along seam lines, you may have an air leak at the seam. This leak can be repaired by sealing the seam with caulk from the outside only (the warm side). Do not caulk on the inside or you will make the problem worse as the moisture will accumulate in the seam and freeze and the expanding ice will further separate the panels.
  3. Leaky door or wiper gasket: If the frost is around the door you likely have a leaking door gasket or wiper gasket on the bottom of the door. Go inside the freezer, have someone turn the lights off, wait a minute or two for your eyes to adjust and look around the door for light entering from the kitchen. If you see light you have a leak at the gaskets that will need to be repaired.
  4. Pressure relief port issue: Another leak at the door can be caused by an iced up pressure relief port. Walk-in freezers are generally equipped with a small electrically-heated vent to allow the warm air that enters the box to shrink as it cools without creating a low pressure that will have to equalize. If you notice the door is difficult to open immediately after being closed you may have a failed pressure port or none at all. Find the port, which is usually a louvered vent located near the door and visible on both the inside and outside of the box, and see if it is blocked with ice. If it is, clear it and check the small heater inside to see if it’s working. If the heater doesn’t seem to be working, or if you do not have a pressure relief port, call your refrigeration technician for repairs.
  5. Fan delay relay failure: If the frost is on the ceiling, particularly near the unit cooler (coil), you may have a failed fan delay relay. The fan delay relay functions to delay the coil fans from restarting after a defrost cycle until the coil refreezes. If there is no delay the water on the fins of the coil will evaporate and turn to frost on the ceiling of the walk-in freezer. You’ll need a refrigeration tech to confirm the problem and replace the fan delay relay.

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