Before we diagnose why your cooler might not be at temp, we must understand the operation of a walk in cooler…

Understanding your walk in cooler will save you money and frustration. Many refrigeration problems are caused by not understanding the operation of commercial refrigeration equipment.

The refrigeration cycle for medium temperature walk-in coolers is exactly the same as residential air conditioning systems. However, the operation of the physical components is slightly different.

All of the walk-in cooler configurations below have this in common:

  1. The compressor is energized by a potential relay.
  2. The condenser fan is wired in parallel with the compressor and runs whenever the compressor is energized.
  3. The system may or may not have a contactor to provide power to the compressor.
  4. The evaporator fan(s) run continuously circulating cool air through the cooler whether or not the compressor is running.
  5. Unlike a residential air conditioning system, mild frost may be present on the evaporator coil.
  6. Mild frost is not a concern as the evaporator fan(s) continue to run when the compressor is in the off cycle.
  7. Circulating 35 to 39°F air over the evaporator coil. This, above freezing, air will melt the frost on the coil during the off cycle.

Now that we understand a bit of the operation we can now give you a few points on what to look for if your cooler is not at temp….

  • Check the thermostat in the cooler to make sure it is calling for refrigeration, turn the dial up and down to hear a clicking sound.
  • Make sure the back of the evaporator coil is clean & has good air flow.
  • Check the condenser on the roof or above the walk in cooler to make sure it is running.
  • Check the condenser coil to make sure its not dirty. If it is, turn the unit off and clean it.
  • Check the walk in cooler door to make sure it shuts completely.

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