Ice machines are very complicated pieces of equipment. But, there are a few things you can check yourself before having to call an ice machine repair expert like Marathon Air. Depending on which of the major brands you own, for example, Hoshizaki, Manitwoc, Scottsman or Ice-O-Matic, each manufacturer uses different controls and sequences to make the ice.

The Very Basics of Making Ice

Basically, and obviously, ice machines are freezing water, no matter which company manufactured the ice machine you own. One thing that surprises many people is that, most often, the main reason ice machines don’t work is not refrigeration problems, but problems with water.

If you think for a second, you will agree that you need two things to make ice: refrigeration and water. But most of the problems are due to water supply issues.

Is the Water Filter the Culprit?

As an end-user, one of the things you should check first is to make sure the water filter on your ice machine is not clogged. With water filters, the person who installed them should have written the date of installation on the cartridge itself. Generally, you should replace your water cartridges every year. If your cartridge is over one year old, you could have low water pressure causing the ice maker not to produce ice. So, if you check the date, and discover that the water filter was installed more than one year ago, you should replace the water filter. At Marathon Air, we utilize the best commercial ice machine water filters available, if you want us to replace your filter.

Want to Replace Your Water Filter Yourself?

To replace your water filter, turn off the water supply, unscrew the filter, and purchase and install a new one. You can buy these from restaurant supply stores or equipment distributors or, of course, call us, and we can order and install them for you. You will need the model number and manufacturer of the water filter. Some of the water filter manufacturers are Cuno, 3M, EverPure, and the like, so look for those most common names. Sometimes it is difficult for an end-user to know where to get these filters because there are so many sizes and varieties, which is why it can make your on your equipment if you can’t find the filter. Or, you could make life a lot easier by calling an authorized and knowledgeable professional, such as Marathon Air.

What About The Water Supply to Your Ice Maker?

Assuming your filter is not clogged, you could have other problems. The next easy trouble-shooting item is to make sure no one accidentally turned off the water supply to the ice machine. There is usually a valve near the machine that anyone can turn on or off. For example, a plumber doing repairs might have turned off that valve and now your ice machine might not be working as a result. Or someone may have kinked the line. These are easy things to check and even repair yourself if you are handy.

How Can R & S Mechanical Ice Machine Repair Services on Raleigh Help If Your Ice Maker Is Not Working?

At R & S Mechanical Ice Machine Repair Services on Raleigh, part of our yearly cleaning service of your ice machine would include replacement of the water filter, in addition to the other aspects of cleaning that are involved in an ice-maker maintenance program. There may be other water issues, but they would be inside the ice machine so really would require an experienced technician to troubleshoot. But we hope at least a few tips will help you avoid some easier repairs.