Everyone knows that springtime and summertime allergies are the worst. Feeling stuffy, sneezy, or wheezy in your own house due to allergens polluting the air can be unbearable, so you probably take steps to keep your indoor air quality up from March to September. What you might not have considered, though, is how fall allergies can be equally problematic.

With the fall season coming up fast, this is the right time to think about how to prepare yourself and your home for fall allergies. With a little bit of planning and extra effort, you can make certain you and your family stay comfortable and cozy in your own home as the temperature starts to drop again.

Here are three helpful tips to follow to lessen the symptoms of fall allergies:

  • Talk to an allergist: If you have not done so already, you might want to schedule an appointment with a local allergist to see if you have any common and uncommon allergies you might not realize. Be sure to also schedule appointments for the rest of your family, especially your children. Schools are rampant with all sorts of allergens due to the sheer number of people from all corners of your hometown who gather there regularly.
  • Keep your yard clean: Fall leaves might look beautiful as they collect on your yard, but do not be fooled — serious allergens gather wherever leaves do. In particular, a pile of leaves left unkempt on your lawn will start to rot in most environments and climates. Mold particles will become airborne in the gentlest of breezes, stirring bad air in and around your house. To prevent allergy attacks from mold and flora, take some time each weekend to clean up your yard. Not interested in yardwork? See if there are any local services to do it for you.
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance: Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you can massively reduce the number of allergens in your home’s air by getting your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system maintained, inspected, and improved. With top-of-the-line air filters and duct sealing services done right by professionals, you can greatly improve your home’s air quality.

With R & S Mechanical and our Raleigh HVAC service technicians, fall allergens in your home won’t know what hit them. We offer comprehensive, competitively-priced, and friendly services to improve your indoor air quality with ease. To schedule a service or request a free on-site estimate and equipment quote, please call (919) 302-8956 at any time. We make ourselves available 24/7 for customer emergencies.