The more of the walk in cooler installation you can do, the more you will be able to minimize the overall installation expense!

Commercial Refrigeration is a highly technical trade: years of specialized education, apprenticeship, and ongoing training are necessary. A good technician will require support equipment and tools when he makes house calls; his hourly fees can get quite costly. You should try to focus expensive labor specifically on what they do best! By asking others to assist you with simple assembly tasks, you can minimize costs by hundreds of dollars. The same guidelines should apply to your electricians.

For anyone with basic carpentry skills, the assembly of our walk in coolers, freezers, and/or display doors is fairly easily and straightforward. The most important skills one could have would be the ability to work with a tape measure and carpenter’s level!

walk in cooler installation

As a rule of thumb, you can budget anywhere from 25% to 40% of your overall walk in cooler equipment cost towards a “turn-key” installation. Amounts can vary due to site conditions, compressor location, and the labor costs in your region. Your walk in cooler installation may appear daunting, but the knowledge that you can save hundreds of dollars is a great motivator to get involved!

Planning: At your request, we will visit your facility, survey the existing equipment or space and discuss your desired changes, system upgrade or new installation. We will plan, design and schedule your refrigeration needs to insure you will design a system that will guarantee desired temperature and quality assurance. We strive on building a solid relationship with our customers.

We offer you the freedom to schedule appointments online for FREE estimates and we are committed nothing but 100% customer satisfaction.

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