Boost the Humidity in Your House to Feel Better

If you’re tired of dry air leading to nose, eye and sinus irritation, and uncomfortably dry skin, we’ll show you how to increase your home's humidity during the winter! Also considering that low humidity can lead to shrinking and cracking of your home’s wooden floors and furniture, it’s truly important to your health, comfort, and property to keep those indoor humidity levels in the optimal zone. Read our expert tips from our experienced team and start to feel better sooner.

Let’s get some context first. In the colder months, if your home’s humidity is less than 30%, that’s where the problems start. 30% to 50% humidity is what you want to aim for comfortable humidity. These techniques will help ensure you have good indoor air quality in your home or business.

7 Tips On How to Increase Home Humidity

1. Keep your bathroom door open while showering

In the colder months, simply leave the door open while showering to allow steam to flow out into the rest of your home. Make sure you leave your exhaust fan off so it doesn’t suck away precious moisture that could be making your home more comfy. If you take a bath, let the warm water that’s left over stay in the tub when you’re done since it will still be releasing moisture. Once it’s cold, then drain.

2. Get more houseplants

Plants will naturally enhance humidity levels while also purifying the air that you and your family breathe. Make sure they are watered properly as this will help them produce more vapor from their stems and leaves.

3. Turn your heat down

Try turning down your central heating system to a cooler temperature that is still reasonably comfy for you. This will reduce the drying out of your home’s air.

4. Skip the dryer for laundry and hang it instead

When you hang up your clothes, sheets, towels and other laundry after a washing machine trip, you’ll be allowing the moisture within to evaporate out of the fabrics into your home’s space.

5. Put water in containers near window sills

Pour water into some pans or bowls and place them in front of windows. This gives sunlight the opportunity to quicken the evaporation of that water into your air.

6. Boil water on your stovetop

Put some water into a pot and let it slowly boil, this will emit steam into your home’s air. Make sure that you put an alarm on your phone so you don’t forget if you need to leave the kitchen, as it is unsafe to leave the stovetop on without watching it.

7. Install an efficient air humidifier

A great humidifier will allow you to control the humidity to the desired level that is most comfortable for you. Our highly qualified team has plenty of experience installing humidifiers to help families escape the negative side effects of dry air in the winter months. Learn more about our humidifiers and other indoor air quality products.

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We hope these tips on how to increase your home’s humidity in winter were helpful. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a high quality humidifier, call (919) 823-7368 today or fill out the form below. Our team can install a humidifier quickly and properly.