How To Get My AC Fixed

There are a number of situations when you may need to get your AC repaired or even replaced. There are small things that happen that can repaired throughout the year, and there are vital repairs that could be done to prevent a major replacement. Or, you could replace your system with something that is more efficient than what you have now. Whatever you decide to do, use the steps below to keep your AC running when it gets hot outside and keep it in good condition when you do not need it.

Are You Getting Air Flow?

Air conditioning repair is needed when you have issues with air flow in the house. You may have a number of issues in the house that could include a bad blower, poor wiring, clogs in the system, a bad filter, or even bad ducts. You may need to have your ducts repaired when you have leaks, or there could be a leak in the casing of the HVAC unit. All these problems could be impeding air flow.

Do You Smell Anything Burning?

There is a distinctive smell that comes with any heater, but that is not the case with your air conditioner. You must contact an HVAC technician when you smell anything burning as the AC runs. If anything, you will smell a bit of the coolant in the air because it has a distinct odor that is noticeable. Also, you need to ensure that you have inspected your HVAC unit at least once a week to ensure that you do not smell anything odd. This small amount of vigilance can be very helpful to you when you are trying to properly maintain your system.

Do You Hear Odd Noises?

You may hear odd noises when your AC is running, and you should contact your AC repair company when you realize that there are parts grinding or damage has occurred inside the unit. The same is true of the outdoor blower that has a fan and casing that could be damaged by debris that is flying through the air during a storm.

Does Your Thermostat Work?

When your thermostat is not functioning in the way that it should, the problem may be the thermostat itself, the HVAC unit as a whole, or just the wiring. You should contact someone to inspect every part of the system to be sure. You may need major repairs done before the thermostat can even be replaced.

Get An Inspection Done

You should get an inspection done when the HVAC contractor comes to your home. The inspection will cover every part of your HVAC system, and you will get a list from the contractor that explains what needs to be repaired. You can decide what needs to be repaired, how much you need to pay, and set your budget. When the repairman is talking to you about the job, they can show you which repairs need to be done now and which repairs can wait.

You also can ask for a service inspection once every quarter, twice a year, or once a year. When you get new inspections done, you may find other problems that can be repaired before they get out of hand. Your contractor may explain why they need to make a repair right now before you lose a lot of money doing more repairs, or they could suggest one big repair instead to protect the whole system.

How Long Does A Repair Job Last?

Small repairs often do not take much time to complete, and you should give your repairman enough time to get the job done. There may be weather problems that will prevent the repairman from getting it done faster, and they will give you progress reports as they complete the repairs. When you need to get a major repair done or would like to have a complete replacement, you should ask your repairman about how long these repairs last.

Replacing Major Parts

The technician may suggest replacing major parts in your system like a blower or the circuit board because those things could go bad before the rest of the system does. Keep in mind that even if your HVAC unit is fairly old, when you replace these parts, you could get a few more years of service out of the unit instead of paying to replace it right now.

Replacing   HVAC Unit

When you plan to replace the HVAC unit in your house, you should ask your technician to measure the house so they know how big your HVAC unit should be. You can usually get a much smaller device than what you had previously, and you will save money because the newer units are much more efficient.

You can look through the many devices that are in the repair technician’s catalog, and you can decide which one you can afford. Plus, you can see things like the Energy Star rating and the efficiency rating of the device. You want something in your house that is efficient, but you need to balance efficiency with the cost.

Ask For A Service Plan

When you get your installation done, get a major repair, or have a troublesome situation, you should request a service package. The service package is mentioned above, and it brings the repairman back to your home a few times a year so that they can check your air conditioning, repair any problems they find, and keep the system working properly. This ensures your unit will last longer.


When your AC system is not blowing cold air, makes odd noises, or produces an odd smell, you need to contact a repairman for help. You will get a full inspection of the system to learn what your problems are, and you must talk to the technician about how they can repair it. You will save money when the repairs are done properly, and you can even get your system replaced when it is not functioning properly or costs too much to repair.