The winter season in Raleigh, North Carolina really starts picking up intensity in November, but you can feel the nip in the air already in October. With winter temperatures dropping down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below – the record low for the region is a frigid -9 in January – you pretty much have no choice but to start running your heater or furnace. Otherwise, you could risk your own wellbeing by letting it get too cold for too long inside your house.

However, it’s no secret that pretty much everyone is on a tight budget these days. What can you do to stay warm but also stay above water? Where is the balance between a comfortable home and a healthy bank account?

Heating Your Home for Less in the Winter

The sun is your best friend in the world – or out of this world, rather – when it comes to cutting your heating costs. Thanks to the predictability of the Earth’s rotation and the heat of the sun, you will need your heater most during the night and the least during the day. Consider turning off your heater in the day and padding yourself up with a jacket while indoors. Switch the heater back on around sunset or later in the night when the world is going to be at its coldest.

You also need to work smart with your blinds and curtains. Close them at night to trap more heat for longer inside your house; a large portion of your home’s heat will escape through shut windows, and will do so more rapidly if the glass panes are exposed entirely. When the sun is out, open your curtains again to let the light in. Remember that light is energy is heat, so you want that bouncing around your rooms.

Your electricity bill is also going to expand if you run the heating all day. Shutting it down entirely in the day and making the heater rebuild up to your chosen temperature at night is ultimately a far less expensive alternative. Getting a programmable thermostat can take the guesswork about when to switch it on and off right out of the equation.

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At R & S Mechanical, we are proud to be able to say that we have provided excellent HVAC services to the people of Raleigh for years – and always at a competitive price. If you really want to save big on heating bills this winter, you should let our technicians inspect your system, make any necessary repairs or adjustments, and recommend upgrades. We can also clean and patch up damaged ducts. The truth is you can never be saving as much on heating as possible if your HVAC system is not as good as it can be.

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