Be Informed Before Choosing a Furnace or Heat Pump for Your Raleigh Area Home

Heat pump vs furnace. Which one to choose? It’s an important question to ask yourself when considering the optimal way to heat your home in the Raleigh, NC area, after all, it will affect your and your family’s comfort for years to come. The best decision needs to be an informed one, so R & S Mechanical is covering the main operational differences between a furnace and a heat pump here in this post. We’ll also go over some pros and cons of each system to help you decide on what’s best for you. 

How Does a Furnace Work?

A furnace utilizes air to warm space. It can be fueled by electricity or natural gas. After your furnace finishes heating up air, it then pushes it through your air ducting with a blower motor. The warmed air then leaves the ductwork vents and enters into your home’s living areas.  

Furnace Pros

  • Furnaces usually have a longer lifespans than heat pumps do
  • Since they’re only utilized in winter, they usually don’t need as much maintenance as a heat pump

Furnace Cons

  • Furnaces are often more expensive to run than heat pumps
  • Furnaces produce “hotter” heat than heat pumps, which can result in your skin being drier

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work by moving heat from place to place accordingly. Pressurized refrigerant lines absorb heat from outside of your home and then moves it inside of your home. Even if the weather is cold, a heat pump can still pull enough heat from outdoor air to keep you warm and cozy inside. 

Heat Pump Pros

  • Heat pumps cool your home too. In the warmer months, the heat pump flips its direction so to speak and cools your home by pulling heat out from the indoors and expelling it outside.
  • Heat pumps don’t take up as much square footage indoors as the indoor air handler unit won’t need as much safety clearance space as a furnace

Heat Pump Cons

  • Heat pumps make more noises than furnaces
  • Heat pumps generally cost more upfront than gas furnaces

Heat Pump vs Furnace? Choose What’s Best for You

We hope we’ve been helpful to you in the heat pump vs furnace debate. At the end of the day, the best choice of heating system comes down to your personal budget and comfort preferences. At R & S Mechanical, we’re proud to offer top-rated efficient gas furnaces and high quality heat pumps that are ready to provide your home with cozy warmth for many years ahead. And our courteous and certified technicians can install your system quickly, making sure to respect your time and home throughout the process.    

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