R & S Mechanical HVAC Services Great Home Energy Savings Tip #2

Well summer is almost over here in North Carolina. Now we are getting ready for some cold weather. Luckily it does not get too cold here in NC.

I would like to give you some savings tips to help you conserve on some energy and money.

Thermostat: As I mentioned in my last post the thermostat is one of the most significant component of an HVAC unit. It provides unparalleled efficiency in temperature control. You will never have to turn your system on and off repeatedly once you are able to set desired temperatures. Leave the job to the thermostat and it will gladly provide you with effective results. Be sure not to abuse the component, though. Make up your mind first on your desired temperature (the rule is to keep future adjustments to a minimum so you can be assured of a longer service), set it up and presto! Your unit will run and shut off to meet your comfort level. A recommended temperature setting of 76 degrees F for cooling and 66 degrees F for heating shall guide you for excellent control. However, you may set the room temperature depending on how you preferred it to be. Just make it a point to ascertain that you are not getting your air conditioner overwork. Run it only when necessary so you can enjoy its efficient service for years to come.

Filters: Installing new filters will help your unit run more efficient and reduce stress on the indoor blower. I would recommend changing them every other month. If you have any pets I would change them monthly. Also don’t forget to clean your vents.

HVAC Service: It is best to have a HVAC Technician service your unit prior to the heating season. He will make sure the unit is working properly. He should clean your heating burners, check your pilot light and controls, check for any gas leaks or cracked heat exchanger. If you have a heat pump or electric heat, he should check your electric strips and your outdoor unit for proper operation.

Duct Work: Also have a HVAC Technician check your Air Ducts. Sealing and insulating can reduce your total energy use by more than 20 percent. He should check on all ducts that run through unconditioned space such as your garage or attic, and should seal ducts with mastic or foil-backed tape.

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