A topic we are asked advice on daily, regards the decision on replacing versus repairing an existing heating and cooling system. While there are many factors to take into consideration for your HVAC service or furnace installation, you want to start with taking a look at the age of your current unit. If its more than 8-10 years old we recommend at least starting with our free estimate to replace your existing equipment with a new, more efficient unit. With new ac/heating systems steadily gaining more efficiency the benefits can actually save you money over the long run, using up to 50% less electricity or fuel.

Just as important as considering the age and condition of the equipment is making sure that your contractor accesses the condition of you existing duct work, which can decrease energy efficiency by about 27%. Combining both the efficiency of a new air conditioning and heating system with the repair or replacement of your ductwork, you can plan to save a significant amount of money in monthly electricity and gas costs.

In regards to repairing your equipment you want to make sure to have the unit properly diagnosed by a professional. Obviously, if the cost to get the unit back up and running are minor, then that may be a good option. Some factors you should consider before investing more repair dollars into your existing unit include:

  • Assessing the efficiency of your current system
  • Inspecting the condition of the ductwork
  • Having the insulation of your home accessed
  • Making sure your current system is sized right for the size of your home

The money that you may be spending on repairs could be going toward a new, more efficient unit. Try taking a look at what you have spent on service calls and repairs over the last 2-3 years. Compare this with the cost of replacing the equipment and evaluate what percent you have already spent to maintain your unit. Have you replaced any major components such as the evaporator or condenser coils, heat exchanger or compressor? Depending on the age of the unit are you expecting to spend more money this year on repairs? How do these factors compare with the option of comfort and reliability of a new system? Your contractor can help you weigh these options and provide valuable advice in making this decision.

Finally, you will want to consider that our current rebates through Progress Energy, Tax Incentives and discounts that RS Mechanical personally provide can be applied for even more savings on replacing your current heating and air system, but do not apply to repairs. For more information on current savings and specials click here.

Please give R & S Mechanical in Raleigh a call anytime to ask questions or set up a time for one our HVAC Home Comfort Specialist to visit your home and provide a free estimate and advice on replacing your current heating and air system!

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