walk-in cooler is a fantastic addition to homes and businesses that require large amounts of cool storage space. With one properly installed and customized exactly to the needs and expectations of the property owner, there really is no comparable substitute. But, like pretty much any other major appliance or piece of equipment, a walk-in cooler is not something that can just be ignored once it is installed. In order to keep it performing optimally, even the best walk-in cooler in the world will need some maintenance.

Here are five easy-to-remember tips about walk-in cooler maintenance:

  1. General cleanliness: Do not let the inside of your walk-in cooler become a mess. Not only is this unhygienic, it can be outright unsafe. When you do need to clean a spill or problem area, try soap and water first, as some harsh chemical cleaners could actually be problematic for the metal of the cooler. If you aren’t sure, contact the company that manufactured or installed the equipment to figure out the best cleaner.
  2. Dusting: The evaporator fan, its coils, and its blades can get dusty, especially if your walk-in cooler is entirely outside and exposed to the environments. You should make a habit of dusting and cleaning these parts extra carefully about once every three months, or as regularly as needed to prevent grime build-up.
  3. Door seals: Any door that does not close all the way or easily could be leaking cool air out of your walk-in cooler. This is a problem that needs addressing as soon as possible. To look for problems with door seals and hinges, inspect them closely once every 90 days or so. Propping open the door for more than a few minutes might also damage the hinges, so this should be avoided.
  4. Exterior work: The airflow that your walk-in cooler’s condenser unit sucks in cannot be restricted by debris and the like. Take a look for stuff that may have been misplaced or fallen near the ducts once a week.
  5. Temperature fluctuations: Every day you should record the temperature of your walk-in cooler. Ideally, this will be done at the same time each day for extra reliability in your findings. Pass this task onto an employee or coworker for days you are not at your business. If you notice significant differences, something is probably not functioning properly.

Keep in mind that maintaining your walk-in cooler is an investment in and of itself. By staying on top of little checks and repairs, you are more likely to avoid costly emergency repairs and total equipment failures. An efficient walk-in cooler will also require less energy to hold the set temperature, cutting electricity costs.

Get Your Walk-In Cooler Up & Running Again

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