When your commercial refrigerator breaks down, you could stand to lose a lot of money in profits if you don’t get it fixed quickly. While some problems are specific, there are many common ones that commercial refrigerator owners find themselves facing. Some of these can be fixed easily, while others require a little more attention. Even the top-of-the-line refrigerators need some commercial refrigeration repair from time to time.

Here are 10 of the most common commercial refrigerator repair issues that an experienced technician can take care of for you.

1. Temperature Problems

You obviously want your refrigerator to keep things cold so when it doesn’t you know there’s a problem. If your fridge is set to the right temperature and it’s not keeping things cold, there could be an issue with the thermostat. Besides that, your fridge may have other problems like a faulty compressor, or dirty fans.

2. Blocked Vents

When you’re talking about temperature problems, you may have blocked vents that are preventing your fridge from keeping the right temperature. This can be an easy commercial refrigeration repair that can be fixed so that your fridge can start maintaining the right temperature once again.

3. Power Problems

Power problems are another common issue requiring prompt commercial refrigeration repair. First, check to make sure there isn’t a switch that’s off. You also want to be sure that the power cord is plugged into the outlet all the way. If both of these are good, then you need to call for service.

If you have a voltage detector you can check to see that there are no problems with the wall outlet or ground wires. Any wiring problems need to be checked right away. Don’t use extension cords for your fridge because most manufacturers will void your warranty if there are any repair issues.

4. Ice Buildup

When you start to notice frost on the inside of your commercial refrigerator, there could be several things going on. Poor air ventilation, doors left open for too long, or defective door gaskets may be to blame. If warm air gets into your refrigerator, there is condensation and eventually, you’ll see frost.

5. Lighting Problems

Lighting problems are pretty common when it comes to commercial refrigeration. You may need to replace the bulb or the lights could be disconnected. If you need to change the bulb be sure it’s recommended by the manufacturer so you don’t burn out the sockets.

6. Compressor Issues

You need a working compressor to keep your refrigerator cool. When it’s not working properly, the unit won’t be cold. Sometimes it’s a case of needing to have the compressor cleaned. Grease, dirt, and other substances can build up in the compressor causing it to malfunction. It’s recommended to clean the compressor every 90 days. So, if you know it’s been longer than that, you’ll want to make that a priority.

7. Unfamiliar Noises

When you hear your refrigerator make a sound you’ve never heard before, it may be a sign of trouble. Problems with fans, motors, or other parts may be triggering the sounds you’re hearing. Calling for commercial refrigeration repair is your best bet because you can be sure the problem will be diagnosed correctly.

8. Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan may be to blame if your fridge is freezing up and collecting ice. It could be a case of the entire fan not working or just part of the coil. This could be due to a low charge. You’ll want a certified technician to come out to check this problem.

9. Ice in the Drain Pan

Your commercial refrigerator will have a drain pain that may need to be emptied. If you notice ice in the pain, there could be a clog in the drain line. Water that should be draining gets cool and ices up before it can drain completely. You don’t want to ignore this problem because if the drain line becomes completely clogged, the unit may overheat or the water could back up into the unit.

10. Trouble Running After Transportation

If you’ve recently moved your commercial refrigerator and notice it’s not working it may be because of the way you transported it. It’s important to keep it as upright as possible when moving. If you move it laying down, the lubricant can escape from the compressor and run into the cooling pipes causing issues.

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