Depending on the industry that your business lands in, you may have a need for commercial refrigeration scale. The most common industry that uses a lot of refrigeration is restaurants. Today, we're going to take a look at the various types of commercial refrigeration solutions you can implement to meet the needs of your business.

Bar Refrigeration Units

While these are commonly used in the restaurant and bar industry, they can be utilized in a number of different industries to serve the same cooling purpose. These units tend to have a large capacity to store many different beverages in one central location. Most models you'll find will have a front ventilation system and be enclosed in glass doors, for easy viewing into the unit. These commercial refrigeration units come with a variety of different insets so that you can cool an array of materials. From beverages to glassware, they're extremely convenient to have around. 

Under Counter Refrigeration Units

These are easily used in businesses where there is a small need for refrigeration. The most common is going to be convenience stores. These are typically found under the counter and supply a small amount of space to keep beverages, food, and condiments cold. These are ideal units for spaces like lounges and other areas where you may need some refrigeration without taking up a lot of space.

Walk-In Coolers

Very common in the bar, restaurant, and other commercial food sectors, the walk-in cooler is one unit that many typically think of when talking about refrigeration on the commercial level. These coolers allow for a lot of storage space to keep food, beverages, and glassware cool. Realize that these are more complex systems that will require walk-in cooler repairs from time to time that will need to be handled by an experienced HVAC company.

Pass-Through Refrigerators

You're likely going to see pass-through refrigerators at bars, grocery stores, and convenience stores. These allow for access to the commercial cooling area through the front and the back. This allows customers to easily grab the items they need and for staff members to quickly restock from the warehouse room. This type of system will require commercial refrigeration repair from a qualified HVAC professional.

Merchandiser Refrigerators

Somewhat similar to the pass-through refrigerator, the merchandiser refrigerator makes it easy to allow the public to safely access your refrigerated products. Most of these are used to store items like beverages, condiments, and frozen foods. You'll find these in two main model groups. First is the original merchandiser refrigerator that uses swinging or sliding doors for customers to access your products. The second model is the air curtain merchandiser that sports and open front section that allows for multiple customers to access your merchandise at one time.


Common in the commercial food industry, worktops are a type of refrigeration unit that will allow you to store and prep food in one convenient location. These are available in many different versatile forms to fit the needs of your business. They can have optional cutting boards, storage hoods, drawers, swing doors, and pans. These work as refrigerated prep tables that allow your staff to prepare non-cooked food during their in-line operation.

Reach-In Refrigerators

These come in both refrigerators and freezers, depending on the temperature that you need to keep your items at. These units are typically accessible while standing, making them very easy to access. They're most often seen in the kitchen or back of the store. Some of these units will offer glass doors while others will just be plain stainless-steel units. They come in a variety of different widths so that you can find a unit that meets your storage needs.

Dual Temperature Refrigerators

This type of refrigerator is similar to a reach-in refrigerator, except there are multiple units. This allows you to have two different temperature zones for the various products that you have. This works great for when you need to freeze some items while only chill other ones. These are commonly found in back-house operations, such as in the kitchen, where multiple temperature storage is needed for various kinds of food products.

As you can see, there are multiple different types of refrigeration solutions out there for you to utilize at your business. These commercial units can handle all different needs depending on what specific ones your business has. You should assess your individual needs and then comprise a commercial solution based on the various types of refrigeration units explained above.