Staying cool in the summertime is a necessity for many. It's just hard to work in the heat in a productive fashion. In order to ensure the comfort of your staff and your clients, there are a few different commercial cooling systems that you can decide to invest in at your place of business.

Central Air Conditioning

The first type of commercial cooling system that we're going to discuss is central air conditioning. This is probably the most common type of air conditioning system that you'll find at businesses. They work to effectively cool larger areas quickly and they circulate the cool air to ensure a sustainable level of comfort. With this type of system, you'll find supply ducts and registers on the floors and walls of the building. The basic concept is that once the air gets warm, it circulates back into the supply ducts to the air conditioner for cooling. Realize this type of system will require a good bit of planning from an HVAC professional to ensure it works efficiently for your unique space.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Also referred to as ductless air conditioners, mini-split units are placed throughout your building to allow for multiple sources of commercial  cooling. All the indoor units will be connected to a central outdoor compressor or condenser unit. This type of system allows you to easily set the temperature for a specific zone in your building. For example, one office room can be set at 68 degrees while another can be set at 75 degrees. This allows for a lot of flexibility in comfort needs. In addition, it will allow you to cut off the air conditioning for rooms that don't need to be cooled all the time.

Window Air Conditioners

We've all likely seen those window units that simply get plugged into an outlet. This type of system works well for small areas that need to be cooled. However, when it comes to larger areas, it can be quite expensive to handle. If you have a smaller office, then you may want to simply consider using window air conditioners instead of investing a large sum of money in another type of cooling system. This holds especially true if you plan on upgrading buildings in the near future. This will eliminate the need for AC service throughout the summer.

Portable Air Conditioners

Similar to window units, this type of air conditioner actually sits inside of the room. It uses an exhaust vent hose to move hot air to the outdoors. It works by taking in air from the room and cooling it down. Then, it will direct the cool air back into the room. This is a great fit for rooms that don't have windows big enough for the window air conditioning units. You'll need to use a different unit in each zone of your office in order to ensure proper cooling during those hot summer days. If you're not looking to invest a great deal of money upfront for a commercial cooling solution, then you may want to consider this more inexpensive option for the short-term. 

There's one need that every business must meet in the summertime. That's keeping the office environment cool for your staff and clients alike. There are many different commercial cooling solutions that you can use to air condition your space. The above are some of the most popular options for varying business sizes. The ultimate decision for what type of commercial cooling solution that you use will depend on a number of factors. The most obvious being the size of the space that you're trying to cool down. For example, the economic solution for a four-room office building is going to be much different than an ideal solution for an office building that is inside of a skyscraper.