We all know the benefits of installing a heating as well as an air conditioning system in our homes. But what we have to know better is how to install a heating and air conditioning system so that we experience most of the benefits that these systems offer. Heating and air conditioning systems have several options for you to consider. To make the best choice, you should contact your HVAC contractor on which kind of heating and air conditioning system to install considering the type of house that you have.

The Benefits of Replacing your Heating Unit:

Efficiency is a huge reason why it might be time for you to replace your heating system. Older units only take advantage of about 80% of the heat your furnace produces, which means 20% is going out your flue. Newer systems will direct as much as 95% of the heat it produces to your house. What this means is your equipment is not working as long or as hard to heat your house. Most units will come equipped with a variable speed blower, this will result in

not only a quieter unit than conventional units, they are also more efficient. Variable speed air handlers operate continuously at a wide range of speeds, whereas conventional single speed air handlers operate at only one speed and cycle on and off throughout the day. Variable speed air handlers provide more uniform heating and cooling because they constantly circulate the air in your home. This constant circulation also greatly reduces humidity levels during air conditioning season. Because the blower motor operates at lower speeds, it’s quieter and consumes less energy.

The Benefits of Replacing your Air Conditioning Unit:

Again the huge reason is efficiency and less power needed, which means more savings for you. Air conditioners are rated in seer (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the number, the more efficient the machine is. The SEER rating is often found on a yellow sticker attached to newly installed condensers. The lowest seer rating that can be installed is a 13 seer, which for someone who has an older air conditioning unit, this is still a big difference.

When air conditioners go up in seer rating, there condenser(which is the outside coil) will dramatically increase in size. This will help the compressor run at lower head pressures during very hot days. Why is this important? Well if your unit does not have to work that hard during hot days, to cool your house, that results in saving on energy and money.

We are all after a comfortable living and these heating and air conditioning systems just help us make comfort possible at all seasons. So, make the best choice for your homes.

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