Did you know that your air conditioning unit typically accounts for approximately 50%-60% of your electric bill?

That’s why it’s important to keep your system in good operating condition in order to save energy and money.

Without proper air conditioner maintenance you can lose about 3%-5% of it’s efficiency each year. This means that new 15 SEER unit that you installed just a few years ago may function like an old 10 or 12 SEER unit. Although with proper annual maintenance you can recover most of that lost efficiency. Research proves that with regular maintenance an air conditioning system can maintain up to 95% of it’s original efficiency.

There are numerous factors that weigh on the efficiency of your air conditioning system. One often overlooked factor by homeowners is dirty air conditioner coils.

A system with dirty coils can increase energy costs by up to $450 per year. Another common issue with air conditioning units low coolant levels which also lead to increased energy costs.

The costs vs. The benefits are very clear on this subject. The annual cost to maintain the unit over time is far less than the cost to replace a unit which no longer functions correctly. Ten years of maintenance may cost on average about $1500-$1700 but to replace a system can cost anywhere from $5000 – $10,000 depending on the size of your system.

Make it a habit to perform annual air conditioner maintenance!

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