North Carolina Winters are dry and bitter. R & S Mechanical’s Comfort Guy sincerely wants to make Honeywell Humidifier Raleighyour home more comfortable, and installing a humidifier is a great way to do that. This accessory you can be added on to your heating equipment to add moisture to the air. Here are five great reasons to consider having R & S Mechanical add a humidifier to your Raleigh or Durham area home.

1. Humidifiers Can Improve Your Health

Many people suffer with dry skin or nosebleeds in the cold weather. A humidifier can ease these symptoms by keeping a healthy level of moisture in the air.

2. Humidifiers Dilute Static Electricity

Static electricity is a nuisance in a home that is too dry. Installing a humidifier takes care of this problem.

3. Installing A Humidifier Protects Your Furniture

Expensive wooden cabinetry, floors, and furniture can crack in an environment that is too dry. A humidifier will keep the moisture from evaporating from the wood in your home. Other surfaces that can benefit from a humidifier are leather, books and artwork.

4. R & S Mechanical Humidifier Installation Provides Comfort + Energy Savings

A home that is too dry will feel chilly, as compared to a home heated to the same temperature that has a higher level of humidity. Some people even find they are able to keep their thermostat set lower and still feel comfortable after installing a humidifier. If you can lower thermostat settings, that will save energy on heating bills.

5. Humidifiers Create Safer Air Quality

The growth of some organisms is increased in a dryer environment. Adding a humidifier may be able to help your family avoid illnesses over the winter.

How Does An R & S Mechanical Humidifier Installation Work?

The professorial HVAC technicians at R & S Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Services are able to install standard type humidifier units, as well as ultrasonic and steam humidifiers. A basic style humidifier unit consists of a base piece, along with a channeling wick and fan.

A reservoir holds the purified water, which will be turned into a water vapor before it is diffused through out your home. Typically, a humidifier unit is connected to the heating and cooling system of a building, so that the water vapor is introduced into the air flow.

R & S Mechanical Lets You Easily Adjust Your Raleigh, Durham, Or Garner Home’s Humidity Levels

A humidifier home system also gives you the control to adjust the humidity level as needed. A good general rule is to adjust the humidity levels to around 45 percent in the summer months. This will create an ideal environment where the air is not too dry. However, in the Winter time, an ideal setting for the humidity in the home is typically lower than 45 percent to ensure the air has proper moisture levels.

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