It can often be difficult to maintain an optimum humidity level in your house. A dry atmosphere means dry skin, congesion, cold, and flues. On the other hand, if your house is too humid you're increasing the risks of mold and the various health risks associated with it.

A humidifier is an excellent way to control the moisture level in your house. With a humidifier, you can easily adjust the levels in your house to ensure maximum comfort. During winter months, the recommended humidity level is between 30% and 40%. In the summers, this level inches a bit higher to 45%.

We're sharing why you should consider installing a humidifier in your house and its various benefits.

The Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

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Better Skin

Dry and itchy skin is no small problem. For people who suffer from eczema or dermatitis, dry air can especially worsen their conditions.  A humidifier can ease these symptoms by keeping a healthy level of moisture in the air. This will allow your skin to retain its natural moisture. 

Avoid Colds and Flues

Viruses are known to thrive in dry atmospheres. A humidifier will increase the humidity level of in your home, thus making it less survivable for various allergens that agitate cold and flus. If you keep the humidity level in your home within the 30%-45% range, this will decrease the risk of you and your family members contracting any virus indoors. 

Installing A Humidifier Protects Your Furniture

Your house furniture will last long only in the right atmosphere. Expensive wooden cabinetry, floors, and furniture can crack in an environment that is too dry. A humidifier will keep the moisture from evaporating from the wood in your home. Other surfaces that can benefit from a humidifier are leather, books and artwork.

Lower Utility Bill

While installing a humidifier in your home means adding another appliance, many homeowners are surprised to find that a humidifier leads to lower utility bills. A home that is too dry will feel chilly, as compared to a home heated to the same temperature that has a higher level of humidity. Some people even find they are able to keep their thermostat set lower and still feel comfortable after installing a humidifier. If you can lower thermostat settings, that will save energy on heating bills.

Healthier Hair

Similar to how the right level of humidity can help your skin,  it can also benefit your hair and scalp. Dry air results in an itchy scalp, dandruff, and brittle hair. Optimum humidity level will allow your hair to retain its natural moisture and can even prevent your hair from becoming brittle and snapping. If you're noticing an increase in itchiness and dandruff, it may be time to invest in a humidifier. 

How Does A Humidifier Installation Work?

The professorial HVAC technicians at R & S Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Services are able to install standard type humidifier units, as well as ultrasonic and steam humidifiers. A basic style humidifier unit consists of a base piece, along with a channeling wick and fan.

A reservoir holds the purified water, which will be turned into a water vapor before it is diffused through out your home. Typically, a humidifier unit is connected to the heating and cooling system of a building, so that the water vapor is introduced into the air flow.

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